Pty Ltd, established in 2000, provides enterprise-wide Storage Resource Management solutions that empower IT administrators to effectively manage file growth by visualizing opportunities for space acquisition and effective file movement. Unique visual and interactive solutions provide instantaneous graphical snapshots of the existing storage infrastructure, allowing clients to efficiently and cost-effectively manage, profile, and forecast their current and long-term data storage needs.

By identifying inactive information, duplicate data, current usage patterns and true storage consumption, then automating the process of corrective action, Intermine offers true value without the need for additional hardware or unplanned capital expenditures. In addition to overall cost savings, these efforts yield increased company-wide efficiencies and reduced day-to-day input on the part of data managers. Intermine's robust family of products are used by Global Fortune 1000 companies with installations in the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim. Pty Ltd

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